Current Projects

Olivia Brown: All tracks released under the name Olivia Brown are electronic-based, disco/pop songs written (and performed) by Sheryl Cohen in collaboration with artists from around the world. The pseudonym Olivia Brown comes from the name of Sheryl's 1st guitar, her muse (a pink, daisy rock) named Olivia combined with the last name of Brazilian musician, icon, and Sheryl's hero Carlinhos Brown. 

Sheryl Cohen: After touring the US and Brazil for many years as the co-leader and vocalist for the Brazilian Jazz group Brazz Jazz, Sheryl made a transition to songwriting and playing the guitar. The transition began in 2005 and since then Sheryl has released more than 11 full albums and singles. 

L’Queer: L’Queer is the Brooklyn based electronic-pop duo of Neil Bowman and Sheryl Cohen. The band's name comes from an often mispronounced street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn that is spelled Luquer. L’Queer’s Debut album L’Queer Is Here was released on limited edition vinyl on April 20, 2013. L’Queer’s second album is written and ready to record. 

Albums & Singles Released As Songwriter, Singer, Producer

  • Olivia Brown: Is This Love? (2019) Single 
  • Olivia Brown: I Gave You Up (2019) Single 
  • Olivia Brown: I Know The Why (2019) Single 
  • 2015-2019: Hundreds of songs co-written as topline writer 
  • Olivia Brown: Electrify (2015) Album 
  • Sheryl Cohen: 7 Songs (2014) Album 
  • Sheryl Cohen: Stay (2013) Single 
  • Sheryl Cohen: I’m Fine (2013) Single 
  • L'Queer: L’ Queer Is Here (2013) Album 
  • Sheryl Cohen: Singles (2012) Album 
  • Olivia Brown: Everything Will Be Alright (2012) Single 
  • Sheryl Cohen: I’m Amazing (2011) Album 
  • Sheryl Cohen: I Live In The Cracks (2010) Single 
  • Sheryl Cohen: Electric Eyes (2009) Album 
  • Sheryl Cohen: Album Not An Ordinary Girl (2005) Album 

News & Noteworthy 

  • Senior Director, Culture and Oversight @ A2IM. A2IM is a New York-Based Non-Profit that Exists to Advocate for US Independent Record Labels and Artists. Sheryl Oversees the Production and Curation of A2IM's Annual Music Business Conference "Indie Week", Writes Grants and Leads Education Initiatives #StayIndie 
  • Voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy’s) 
  • Active Topline Writer - Collaborating with Producers from Around the World 
  • Owner 1 Pink Daisy Publishing (ASCAP) 
  • Berklee College of Music Graduate Cum Laude 
  • Berklee Post Graduate Ear Training & Songwriting Courses Completed 
  • Cal State University: Long Beach Graduate (Literature) Cum Laude 
  • Toured extensively in US and Brazil as the co-leader and featured vocalist in Brazz Jazz 
  • 9 ASCAPLUS awards from ASCAP for contributions to American songwriting 
  • Countless of song placements (Access Hollywood, MTV, etc) 
  • Wrote a 60K Novel in 23 days in Nov 2015. Spent 1 the year 2016 editing it