About/Current Projects

  • Sheryl Cohen is a San Francisco born, Brooklyn-based musician, creator, artist advocate. All current projects are detailed below. 
  • Olivia Brown: Sheryl Cohen's pseudonym Olivia Brown comes from the combination of Sheryl's first guitar, a pink, Daisy Rock named Olivia, coupled with the last name of Brazilian musician, icon, and Sheryl's hero, Carlinhos Brown. All tracks released under the name Olivia Brown are electronic-based, disco-pop songs written by Sheryl Cohen in collaboration with different artists from around the world. 
  • Sheryl Cohen: The music released as Sheryl Cohen is primarily narrative-driven, acoustic pop.   
  • L’Queer: L’Queer is the Brooklyn based electronic-pop duo of Neil Bowman and Sheryl Cohen. The band's name comes from an often mispronounced street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn that is spelled Luquer.
  • Voice-Over Artist: Sheryl Cohen is the Voice of God (VOG) for A2IM's Annual Libera Award Show (2020 -> Present) which celebrates the achievements of the independent music community. Each year, Sheryl can be heard, in 35+ award categories saying, “and the nominees are…”
  • Sheryl Cohen is Head of Strategic planing at A2IM (American Association of Independent Music). A2IM is the non-profit organization advocating for the indendent music community. In her role, Sheryl oversees the origanizations budget, writes government grants, oversees the popular members-only mentor program, and oversees the curation of A2IM Indie Week, the largest, annual music business conference devoted to serving the independent music sector.