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Sheryl Cohen / Olivia Brown: News

Disco Writing - March 20, 2017

I'm beginning the week by top-lining on a Disco Track called "The Way We Used To Do It". Happy Monday ~ Let's Do This!!!

In Search of a Book Agent - March 10, 2017

My search for a book agent has begun. Looking forward to making the right connections, editing and polishing my novel and having it published (print and digital). Book blurb below.

Dear Olivia

Author: Sheryl Cohen

Main Character: Olivia Brown

Word Count: ~33,000

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Narrative Fiction

Olivia Brown is a pseudonym for the book’s author, Sheryl Cohen. Part one of Dear Olivia is a fictionalized account of the author’s life. Part two is a fully fictionalized story that is intended as a self-fulfilling prophecy for Ms. Cohen.

46-year-old, Brooklyn based, pop songwriter, Olivia Brown, is on a career high, collaborating with the likes of Drake, Alicia Keys, Benny Blanco and others. Despite her success, Olivia struggles to overcome the tragic event that shattered her life in Paris, eight years before.

From the Montparnasse to Carroll Gardens, Dear Olivia is today's Eat, Pray, Love minus the pray, add in the Brooklyn. Witness Olivia Brown's journey of love, loss, redemption and joy.


The Grammy's 2017 - LIVE - February 18, 2017

I've just returned from LA where I had the opportunity to see The Grammy Awards Live at The Staples Center. It felt wonderful to be in the company of friends, peers and colleagues as we celebrated music. Independent artists had a huge night taking the awards in a key categories! Read more HERE.

The Concord Records afterparty was fantastic too.

I look forward to the day that I am nominated and win my first grammy award. #dreamhuge


Grammy Awards...I Got My Tickets! - January 10, 2017

I've been a grammy voter for years but never had the opportunity to go. This year, tickets to the show sold out in ten minutes but...I Got Two!! I cannot wait to see The Grammy's Live in LA!

My Novel is DONE! - December 23, 2016

I've finished my novel!! There are a few drips and drabs of research that need to be confirmed but the writing is done! In January, I will be taking meetings with publishers and authors to manage the next steps to get my novel out to the world!! 

BritPop Choir Season One Finale - December 19, 2016

My first season with the BritPop Choir was a smashing success! We ended the year with a sold out show in NYC's world-famous Bitter End night club. I look forward to next season beginning in January!

I'm in a Movie: "The Pulitzer at 100" Premieres at DOC NYC Festival - November 3, 2016

A book club that I participated in, that only read pulitzer prize winning novels, was filmed for the documentary "The Pulitzer at 100". 

The film traces the centennial of the Pulitzer and includes Toni Morrison, Nick Kristof, Wynton Marsalis, Tony Kushner, David Remnick, Mary McNamara, Thomas Friedman, Sheri Fink and others. Pulitzer-winning work is read by Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman and Liev Schreiber. The Denver Post rated it a "must-see."

Novel Research - October 15, 2016

Last night I went on a walking trip to do research for my novel. I followed the path of my main character, visiting the places in NYC that I wrote about in the novel. I wanted to make sure I got the details right. Follow me on Instagram on see a picture of my adventure HERE

BritPop Choir - September 19, 2016

For fun and for the love of singing, I've joined a BritPop Choir that meets in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Our season begins tonight and culminates with a performance at New York's City's legendary venue The Bitter End in December. Looking forward to good music, new friends and the joy of singing in a group. Also hoping to shake the rust off of my sight reading skills.

Trap Track - September 18, 2016

I've been working on a new song with a new collaborator, one who is Brooklyn based. The, as of yet, untitled track marks the first time I've written to a trap beat. The lyrics were inspired by Maxwell's Bad Habits. I wrote the lyrics from a man's perspective so the demo that I recorded is a scratch/scratch version. Looking forward to hearing how the song develops with the right singer. 

Novel Love - August 14, 2016

Work on my first novel is going well. I've spent months editing the manuscript and can say sincerely that the process is phenomenal. I will continue to revise and make adjustments to the copy and look forward to sharing the end results with the world before this year is out.

New Songs. New EP - July 14, 2016

Finished a new demo yesterday for an upcoming EP release of songs written with Thijs Naus.

Disco Pop. Never Stop.

Music Creative & Music Business - June 21, 2016

I have two full time jobs. I write and create. I work for a music not-for-profit called A2IM (The American Association of Independent Music). When I write and create, I feed my soul. When I work at A2IM, I feed my soul. It's a blessing to be in a position to help other Independent artists and creators get paid fairly, network and have a voice. 

Every year at A2IM, we host a week long conference for our members and throw an awards show to celebrate the achievements in the independent music world. This year's conference and awards show has garnered a huge outpouring of positive press. A few selected links are below. 

The Conference: A2IM Indie Week 2016

The Awards Show: The Liberas

Books Editing Books - June 3, 2016

Last November, I wrote a 56K word novel in 23 days! I wrote it by hand with pencil and paper. In February, I transferred the novel from my notebooks (six of them) to my computer and in April, I began the first pass at editing my book.

I will continue this editing process which involves fixing the sentence structure as needed and spelling errors and anticipate going through the edit process several more times to address different aspects including story structure etc. 

What's next? I don't know but I'm eager to find out! I'm head down, digging in and going for it! 

Blend Collaboration w/ Menty Deluxe - New Demo Posted - April 30, 2016

Get Up, Get up Go. Get Up, Get Up Do. Nothins Gained When You Don't Try. Play it Bold Girl Push the Line.

Traveling and Music and Novels Oh My! - March 28, 2016

March has been an incredible month! I traveled with friends to the Island of Curacao and spent time alone in Panama City exploring the "old city" and the Panama Canal. I had the wonderful opportunity to swim in the Caribbean Sea and relax on a tropical beach. I got to practice speaking Portuguese in Panama as I found I was more easily understood in Portuguese than English. I am grateful for the many new experiences I've encountered and am making it a goal to travel more often.

In March I spent time in Philadelphia exploring the culture, the architecture and the dance floor! 

I've made a new goal to finish editing (the first pass of editing) my novel "Dear Olivia" by June 1st. I anticipate several passes at editing will be required. 

The new album project that I am working on with Steven Kay is coming along too. We've got six songs written so far. I'm looking forward to sharing the new songs soon. 

Happy March and Welcome to April!

Hello February (New Recording Project + Novel News) - February 9, 2016

In January I began a new music, collaboration with Steven Kay. We have written many songs together, two of which were on my album Olivia Brown: ELECTRIFY released in May 2015. Our new project is centered on dance/house music from the 90's. We are in the writing process now and it is sounding great!!

In November 2015, I wrote a 50,000 word novel "Dear Olivia" in 24 days! I wrote the novel long hand using pencils and notebooks. Every day in January, I spent 30-45 minutes typing the novel into my computer so that it can be edited and revised. I'm happy to report that I am done transferring the novel from pencil/notebook(s) to computer. While writing it, I estimated my word count using 96 words per page as my guide. It turns out I underestimated the number by a lot. The final word count total tops 55,000! Work on editing and revising the novel will begin soon. 

Happy February!! 


Happy New Year - January 4, 2016

Last year I wrote and demo'ed 23+ electronic dance/pop songs. While I'm looking forward to writing many more, I'm starting 2016 off old school. Letting my mind wander a bit and daydream while I figure out my next project(s). Happy New Year!!

2015 Year In Review - December 28, 2015

My Life In Music 2015: Year In Review

In 2015 I recorded and released a NuDisco/Pop album Olivia Brown: Electrify and I wrote a novel. In pencil. I'm spending the last days of 2015 transferring the novel from notebook to computer so that I can begin the editing process. 

On the road to the Grammy's 2016, "Olivia Brown: Electrify" made it to the first round ballot in four categories. "Love Saves The Day" won Best Pop Song from Akademia.

In February, I enrolled in and completed a songwriting course at Berklee College of Music taught by the renowned professor Pat Pattison. I also participated in an ASCAP Songwriting Seminar held in NYC. 

In 2015 I wrote and recorded 23 new pop/electronic songs. The demo versions of these songs can be heard on my page HERE

In 2016 I plan to get back on stage and play. With Bar 4 in Park Slope long gone, i'll begin to seek out new venues and possibly start a weekly group of my own. 

Song/Video Mash Up - December 13, 2015

Sunday Vibes - I co-wrote this song and mashed it with pictures i've taken of street art. Most of the pictures were taken in Brooklyn and Manhattan - A few from Los Angeles.

I Did It! I Wrote A Novel In November! - November 24, 2015

I Did It!!! Presenting My Novel: Dear Olivia. 6 Notebooks, 8 Pencils and many Receipts for The Whiskey er* Coffee i Purchased To Sustain Me While Writing. National Novel Writing Month (#nanowrimo) Set The Challenge to Write A 50K Word Novel In The Month Of November. I Finished Today W/ 50,016 Words!! #elated #nanowrimo2015#brooklyn #writing #numbertwopencil#notebook

My Finished Novel: Dear Olivia

Co-Write Video Up - November 11, 2015

A live, video version of a song I co-wrote with Rubens de La Corte was just released! This song reminds me of Austin Powers and The Mystery Machine of Scooby Doo - 1960 Spy Films! So Fun.

Song: I Know a Place (Rubens de La Corte/Sheryl Cohen) Rubens de La Corte: voice/guitar Daíra Saboia: voice Ben Zwerin: bass Al Marz: keyboards Gary Schreiner: accordion/harmonica Yuval Lion: drums Gilmar Gomes: percussion

Video: Zuppa Filmes (Andrea Testoni and Eduardo Martino)

New Song / Novel Writing Update - November 7, 2015

I have accepted the challenge set down by NaNoWriMo to write a 50K word novel in the month of November. So far I'm more than 12K words into my book! I've also been collaborating on a lot of great music including this song that I finished yesterday. The music was written by ElectroBongo, I added the melody, lyrics and vocals. Take a listen to our new collaboration below.

November is National Novel Writing Month - October 30, 2015

I've decided to take up the challenge set forth by the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWritMo) to write a 50,000 page novel in the month of November. The working title of my novel is Dear Olivia. Throughout the month of November, I'll be writing alone and with others at "write-ins". I'm not sure why I've decided to do this...but it's almost time to begin!!

A link to my page on the NaNoWritMo dashboard is HERE. You can see my progress and word count as I go.

Wish Me Luck!! :0

Press Release - Akademia Music Award - October 16, 2015

Shazam!! On Thursday I Received A Music Award For "Love Saves The Day". A Press Announcement Was Just Released! I'm Thankful - Love Does Save The Day! 

"The Akademia Music Awards Announces Oct 2015 Winners". Read the Press Release HERE

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