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Sheryl Cohen :: I Am Olivia Brown: Listen

Pop Songwriter

Electric Eyes, Sheryl Cohen (2009)

Electric Eyes is the first collaboration between Sheryl Cohen and producer Chris Young. The intention of the album was to write songs with a cool, hip, lounge vibe. The album is successful in achieving its intended goal. 

Not An Ordinary Girl, Sheryl Cohen (2005)

Not An Ordinary Girl is Sheryl's first album of original music. The idea for the album, to mix pop song structures, and lyrics in English w/ multiple layers of percussion instead of drums, was conceived after traveling to Brazil's Northeast and meeting Carlinhos Brown.

Carlinhos Brown is a world renown artist who, among his many, many successes, is known for creating the percussion heavy, band Timbalada. Sheryl met Carlinhos, saw Timbalada live, returned to the United States and wrote Not An Ordinary Girl.